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Adding material to a job
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Adding material to a job

Adding new material is used when you are adding parts or materials to a job that are not purchased with a purchase order for the job. 
For example you might have added a part from your van or purchased some material from somewhere that you don’t hold an account.

1. Add the material item.
2. Add the part number if available. Part number is not a required field.
3. Add the quantity.
4. Add the cost of the item.
5. Select the Save button.

If you don’t know what the cost price of the item is.
It is recommended that you add the cost as $1 so that the correct value can be added from the office in the costing tab before invoicing the job.

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Add materials from inventory

You can also add materials to the job via the inventory.
Select the Add materials from inventory button and navigate the inventory folders.
Start by selecting the item, followed by the quantity and select the add materials to inventory button.

Note: Materials can be added from inventory even if the resulting stock value will be negative. This allows the user to sell items that are actually in stock, but have not been counted in a stock-take.

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