Job Financial Summary Table

Using the Job Financial Summary Table before creating an invoice is the best way to make sure all of your jobs are meeting your targeted profit margin.

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Non Quoted - Do and Charge Jobs
Quoted Jobs
Job Financial Summary Date Filter


Non Quoted - Do and Charge Jobs

For a job that isn’t quoted you can see your combined cost and sell rates along with the overall job profit margin.
If you are satisfied with the profit margin, select the invoice button and create your invoice.

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Quoted Jobs

If you have a quoted job you will notice that there is an additional Quoted Price line added into the table.  Quoted Price is the cost and profit margin result of your quoted price. You can also compare the job against a non quoted sample for future quoting reference.
Quoted jobs will also have the remaining amount to be invoiced and the percentage of the job that has been currently invoiced.

NOTE: For Premium account holders - Any variations added to the job will also be included in the quoted price of the job.

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Job Financial Summary Date Filter

If you are creating a progress claim invoice you can use the date filter to view the costs within the invoice period. 

By using this Job Financial summary feature you are taking the guess work out of your progressive invoicing.

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