Creating a Purchase Invoice

By creating purchase invoices in EMAC you are ensuring that the correct materials costs and date of costs are input into each job, which is required for a stable cash flow via accurate monthly progressive invoicing.

When creating a purchase invoice there are two simple rules to follow:
Rule 1: The items must first be accepted as Delivered to be available to be added to a purchase invoice.
Rule 2: Once created, each purchase invoice must be approved before being sent to your accounting software.

In this help article:
Finding a Purchase order
Creating a Purchase invoice
Creating multiple Purchase Invoices


Finding a Purchase order

1. Select Find Purchases from the main menu.
2. Search the purchase order number from the Purchases summary table.

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Creating a Purchase invoice

1. Open the purchase order and select the Purchase Invoice tab.

2. Enter the supplier's invoice number.
3. Enter the invoice date.
4. Enter the payment due date.

5. Select the items that you want to add to the purchase invoice.
6. Verify the quantity and cost against the invoice you have received from your supplier.

7. You may also choose to add a new line to your purchase invoice to add the costs of any additional items.
For example, you might have to add a delivery charge to your purchase invoice.
Select [X] to remove the line if necessary.

8. Select the Create button.

The Purchase Invoice is now Waiting Approval
The Purchase invoice information is now available on the Job Costing Page.


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Creating multiple Purchase Invoices

After a Purchase invoice has been created you have the option of creating a second invoice against the same purchase order for any materials that may be on back order.
1. Select New Invoice 
2. Repeat steps 1 to 8 for Creating a Purchase Invoice.

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