Supplier Import

Supplier Import
1. From the header select the  icon.
2. Select the Import CSV icon.

3. Select the Supplier CSV Import drop down.

4. Download EMAC’s Supplier Import Template file.

This Comma Separated Values (CSV) file perfectly matches column headings of the software. Do not change these headings.

5. Copy your Supplier details into the EMAC CSV template.

  • When exporting data from a different system, do it as a comma separated list
  • Adjust columns to match EMAC template using Excel or another spreadsheet editor
  • Copy and paste your data into the EMAC template.
  • (*) = required field.

6. Import the updated Supplier Template file

The file you import must be a CSV file. The file name should end with .csv.

7. Select the Import Supplier button.

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