Emailing a Purchase Order

Emailing a Purchase Order

Purchase Orders can be emailed after they have been created from the Purchase Order page and Find Purchase page

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Default Emailing Addresses
Default Purchase Order PDF File attachments
Adding files as email Attachments
Adding Purchase Order files as Email Attachments
Email Limitations

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Default Emailing Addresses

When emailing a Purchase Order the email addresses that appear by default are:

  • Address of a user currently logged in
  • Supplier contact email address

You can also add other email address to the 'Email to' field. 

If the default email address is incorrect, make sure to enter correct one on the suppliers contact page.

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Default Purchase Order PDF File Attachments

When emailing a Purchase Order the PDF file will be attached to the email being sent. This function occurs automatically on EMAC and cannot be changed. 

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Adding Files as Email Attachments

Any files added to the file attachment zone will be emailed as a file attachment.

2 ways to add a file to the file attachment zone

  1. Drag and drop files into the dropzone area.
  2. Click the mouse button on the drop zone area and select the file you want to add.

File Limitations

  • Max combined file size that can be emailed at one time is 10Mb.
  • Max single file size that can be emailed at one time is  2Mb.

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Adding Purchase Order Files as Email Attachments

Any files that are added to the Purchase Order file uploader can be selected as en email attachment.

To add a job file as an email attachment click the mouse on the tick box to the left of the file name or on the Select All tick box if you want to attach all of the Purchase Order files to the email yo are about to send.

If there is no job files uploaded to the Purchase Order card, this option will not to be available when sending an email.

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Email Limitations

  • The max. amount of email recipients is restricted to 50 emails.
  • The email subject must be less than 255 characters.
  • The email file size must be less than 10 Mb.

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