User Privileges

User Privileges

EMAC allows you to customise the level of access for each user category. New users can also be added and assigned to a category in the main menu under 'User'.


1. From the header select the  icon.
2. Select the User Privileges icon.

How User Privileges Works

User Privileges allows you to determine what level of access you grant each user group/role in your EMAC account. 
To find out more about user groups/roles view the Create New User content of the Help Centre.
Master User privileges can not be modified by any other user. The Master User has access to the entire EMAC account.

User groups/roles that can be customised include Supervisor, Office and Tech.

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Editing User Privileges

To Edit user privileges throughout the system select which functions are available to each user group.
After making changes select the Save button.
Note: changes to User Privileges go into effect immediately and do not depend on the type of device used  to access their EMAC account.

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Group and Custom User Types

User profiles can also be edited in each User Profile to change privacy settings from Group to Custom.  

If Custom privacy is selected for a user profile the User Privileges can be edited for one particular user, irrespective of the user group/role.

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