Create a New Job


Create a New Job

1. Select the Client from the drop-down menu or click the green plus sign to create a New Client and add them to the job. 

2. Select the location.

3. Assign staff or user groups to the job.
The All Users tick box will assign the new job to all staff members.  Use this option if you want all staff to be able to see the job.

4. Add a brief Job Title or Job Summary.

5. Add a Job Description.

6. Add the Order Number (The order number is not a required field, but will appear on the invoice if you add one).

7. Is the job Quoted or Do and Charge?
If the job is not quoted you may leave this tick box as is. If you have an agreed price for the job, tick the box and add the price of the job.

8. Press the Create button.

You will now be able to find your new job in the Current Jobs summary page.

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