Remote Support

EMAC provides remote support between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm Monday to Fridays, Eastern Standard Time (Sydney).

User training and remote support can be carried out over the phone via screen share connections with Team Viewer.

How do I Organise a Training or Support Session?

Email to book a time for your online remote support session.
Screen sharing can be established with both Mac and Windows based users.
An EMAC support person will contact you by phone at the appointment time.

1. To access your remote support connection file select the Remote Support icon located on the right side of the EMAC header.

2. Select either Remote Support for Windows or Remote Support for Mac from the menu.

3. A Team View Quick Session installation file will download to your PC.
4. Run the installation file.
5. Over the phone, tell the EMAC support person your ID and Password form the team view screen below.

 You can now carry out a remote support or training session with EMAC.

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