Create an Invoice

To create a new invoice, first you must be within a job.  You can not create an invoice that is not within a job.  This feature ensures that all invoices are traceable to a job.


Creating an Invoice

1. From either the Job page or the Job Financials tab select the Invoice button.
2. Check or add the Purchase order number if you have one.
3. Check or edit the invoice date.
4. Check or edit the Invoice title.  The invoice title provided is the job title.
5. Add the Invoice description. The invoice description provided is the job description.  The job description is only provided to assist with the invoice description.  If a Service report or Job Note has been created for the job the Service Report List and Notes text is also available to assist with creating an accurate invoice description.

To view the Service Report and Notes text select the Service Report List and Notes text link and the text will appear.

6. Select the item breakdowns and total from the Invoice Item Table.

7. Press Create.

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