Getting Started With Tasks

Multiple tasks can be created for each job.
When all Tasks have the status 'complete', the main job will also be marked complete.
Task costings can be monitored individually. 
A task card works exactly the same way as a job card, and appears in the Current Jobs table. 
Why should I create tasks for a job? 
Smaller jobs – If you have a job that requires a carpenter and an electrician, you can assign a task for the carpentry work to one user and a task for the electrical work to another user. 

Larger/long-term jobs – If you have a larger job and would like to monitor different cost areas, you can create different cost areas using tasks.
For Example: If you are installing fire protection in a new building, you could create a task for the installation of the sprinkler system and another task for the installation of the emergency evacuation system.
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