Create a Task

Creating tasks within jobs allows you to breakdown jobs into multiple cost centres for more accurate cost monitoring.
Tasks are primarily used for larger jobs.
A task can only be created within a current job.

1. Assign staff to the task.
The All users tick box will assign the new task to all staff members without adding it to everybody's schedule at one time. Use this option if you want all staff to be able to see the job.

If the task is created for one or multiple users, it will automatically be added to the scheduler for the task, at the selected start time.
2. Select the task start date and time.
3. Add a brief task title or task summary.
4. Add a task description.
6. Does the task have a quoted price?
If the task is not quoted you may leave this tick box as is. If you have a set price for the task you will have to tick the box and add the price of the task.
7. Press the Create button.

You will be able to find your new task in the Current Jobs summary page.
The task number will be the Job number with an additional decimal number at the end for the Task number.
Job no:  J4258
Task no: J4258.1

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