Create a Service Report

Service Reports can be created from either a Current Job page >> Service Report tab or from the New Service Report page.


1. Select the Service Report tab at the top of the page.

2. Carry out your site specific risk assessment.

3. Click the Save and Continue button.
4. You can enter the Service Report's Creation time at the top of the screen. This can be used when the work was done on a different date to the Service Report being entered into EMAC.

4. Add your Labour and click the Save button.
With EMAC Service reports, adding labour time is a requirement. All labour added to a service report will also follow through to the users' time sheet.
5. Add any other items from the Materials, Expenses or Service fee categories that are required for the job.
All items added to the service report will also populate in the job page as direct expenses.
6. Review or edit the Nature of problem text. The Nature of problem text is bought forward from the job description text editor.
7.Add your Solution or recommendation notes.

8. Add your client's name and ask them to fill the digital signature box.
If you have added your signature in the User profile page, it will automatically appear in the technicians name window.
9. Click the Save button.

Service Reports can also be emailed to your client as an attachment to the job invoice once it has been created.

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