Using the Invoice Item Table

Using the Invoice Item Table

The invoice item table or breakdown tool can provide a range of invoice breakdowns to meet your client's invoicing requirements. The type of job you completed will determine how you use this feature of EMAC.
You first have the option of providing a total amount line item for your job expense components.
You cannot add a total amount plus a labour and materials breakdown.
It must be one or the other. See example images below.

Total amount - TIP: Best selection for quoted jobs.

orBreakdown amounts - TIP: Best selection for Do and Charge jobs.

It is best practice to select the total tick box for a quoted job and the various item tick boxes for non quoted jobs.

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Do and Charge or Non Quoted jobs invoice breakdown

If you decide that you want to provide item breakdowns there are multiple levels of breakdown you can have indicated on your invoice.

Option 1 - Total amount for Job components.

Select the Item breakdown tick boxes for the components of the job that you are required to invoice.
Select the Sub-total tick boxes if you are invoicing the total amount for each item or add the price of each item into the Price column.

Option 2 - Add a breakdown of Job Components.

Select the breakdown tick boxes to add more detailed invoice breakdown.

You may also decide if you don’t want to add various labour or material components to an invoice by un-selecting the tick box of an item that you do not want to add to the invoice.
For example you may not want to invoice all of the labour, or a materials delivery fee.
Any items that are not added to an invoice breakdown will remain on this page for future invoicing.
This detail items feature works great for managing larger do and charge jobs that require more than one invoice.

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Adding additional line items

You have the option of adding line items for any circumstance that may arrive on a particular job.
Select + Add New Line to add an additional Invoice breakdown line to an invoice.

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