Send Invoices to Xero

Send Invoices to Xero

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Sending an Invoice to Xero
How Does it Work
What Information is Sent to Xero
Editing an Existing Invoice

Sending an Invoice to Xero

1. Select Find Invoice from the main menu.

2. Select the invoices that you'd like to send to Xero.

3. Click the Push to Xero button.

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 How Does it Work?

1. When an EMAC invoice is sent to Xero a new draft invoice is created in Xero with the exact EMAC invoice details.
2. Invoices are sent to Xero as Sales "Waiting Approval".
3. If an invoice is edited in EMAC it will also be updated in Xero if no payment has been applied to the invoice in Xero.
4. If the contact does not exist in Xero, the information on the EMAC invoice will create a new customer contact in Xero.
5. The Xero status can be changed in EMAC by viewing the Invoice in EMAC.

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What Information is Sent to Xero?

The invoice fields that are sent to Xero to create a new client invoice in Xero are:

  • Invoice number
  • Client name
  • Invoice date
  • Payment terms (used to calculate the payment due date)
  • Job number
  • Invoice description
  • Invoice item break downs
  • Amount ex GST (Xero will add the GST associated to the revenue account selected in the Xero Add-On settings.

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Editing an Existing Invoice

Editing an Invoice in EMAC
If an invoice is edited or updated in EMAC the update will also appear in the corresponding Xero invoice. However, once a payment is received then any changes that are made to the invoice in EMAC will not appear on your Xero invoice. 

Editing an Invoice in Xero
If an invoice is edited or updated in Xero the update will not appear in the corresponding EMAC invoice.

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