Adding Inventory Items

An inventory can be added to EMAC via the inventory folders or via an Inventory CSV import.

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Adding Items to Inventory folders
Importing Inventory


Adding Items to Inventory

1. Select the Manage inventory tab.

2. Scroll down the page to the 'new inventory' form.
3. Select the supplier name.
4. Select the inventory category.
5. Select the inventory sub-category if required.
6. Add the item description.
7. Add the Part No. This is not a required field.
8. Add the cost of the item excluding GST.
9. Add either Markup % or sell price excluding GST.
10. Add any existing stock of the item.
11. Add an image of the item if required.
12. Select the create button.
Tip: Tick the "Create Another" tick-box when entering multiple items in succession to save time in navigating back to this module.

See Edit Inventory Items for further details on Inventory items and how to use the fields available in this module.


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Importing Inventory

TIP: Create your own inventory categories and sub-categories before downloading the inventory import temple file. If you create the categories and sub-categories first, they will appear in the inventory import template file.

Importing inventory via CSV

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