Create a New Job On the Scheduler

Create a New Job On the Scheduler

1. Click and hold down  the mouse on the time and date you would like to schedule for the existing current job.
2. Select the Client.
3. Select the Location.
4. Select the New Job tick box.

5. Assign users or user groups to the job. If the job is created for 1 user or multiple users, it will automatically be added to the scheduler for the job start time selected.
6. Add a brief Job Title or Job Summary.
7. Add a Job Description.
8. Add client Order Number (the client order number is not a required field, but will appear on the invoice if you add one).
9. Is the job quoted or 'do and charge'?
If the job is not quoted you may leave this tick box as is. If you have an agreed price for the job you will have to select the tick box, and add the price of the job.
9. Select the Create button.

For more help with creating a new job see the Create a new job article.

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