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Creating a New Category
Creating a New Sub Category

Inventory categories are customisable and are self-managed by EMAC users. Each inventory category can have a second sub-category levels created for further inventory breakdown. 

Inventory items can be added to quotes, jobs, and purchase orders.

TIP: EMAC recommends that you review your supplier's price lists before creating your inventory categories and sub-categories.


Creating a New Category

1. Select the Manage Inventory tab.

2. Enter the category name.

TIP: Name the first inventory category by a supplier name. Example: category name as Tradelink Plumbing Supplies

3. Select the Create button.

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Creating a New Sub-Category

It is recommended that you create the same sub-categories as your supplier's price list to improve inventory management in the future.

1. Hover the mouse over the name of the newly created category and click on the Add Sub-Category button icon.

2. Enter the Sub-Category name.

3. Select the Create button.

Example of category/sub-category naming:


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