Edit Inventory Items

Editing Inventory Items

1. Go to Inventory on the right-hand menu.
2. Expand the Warehouse you know the item is in or search the inventory item that you want to edit.
3. Select the Edit option form the drop-down button on the right. The quick edit screen will appear.
3. Edit the required fields.


4. This module contains the following fields:

Title Description
Supplier Compulsory field denoting the Supplier this item is purchased from.
Category Compulsory field that categorises the item. Used for searching items in the Inventory and Warehouse list-views.
Sub Category An additional category tag, the user may choose to set up to further categorise their items.
Item Compulsory Item description field.
Part No. The item's product code or ID. Can be used for searching using a bar-code scanner as it is typically shorter than the item description.
Cost Price (Ex GST) The item's cost price. Sell prices will be calculated by applying the markup % based on this value.
Markup % The item's regular markup %. This value overrides the Material Markup % in Settings->My Business->Job Financials.
Sell Price (Ex GST) The item's regular sell price, based on the cost and markup % above.
Price Levels Grid These Price Level names and default values can be configured in Settings->Features->Inventory->Price Levels. When filled, these settings override the Markup % and Sell Price above. These settings in turn are over-ridden by Price Level markup settings for the Client and their Locations, however they come in force when the Client/Location does not have price level markups set. In other words, these can be used to set up a special pricing scheme for individual items.
Quantity in Stock

The quantity of this item held in stock.

Note: A negative value indicates that more of this item has been sold than EMAC held in stock. This may mean that the item requires a stock count.

Current Image An image of the item.
New Image Press the Choose File button to load a new image.
Set Low Stock Alert

Ticking this box allows the user to do one of two things;
1. Disable Low Stock Alerts, which are configured in Settings->Features->Inventory->Set email for inventory notifications. This is done by leaving the Low Stock Alert value below at zero.
2. Set a non-zero value for a Low Stock Alert.

Low Stock Alert Enter a stock level value, at or below which the system will issue a Low Stock Alert for this item.

5. Select the Save button.

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