Cost To Be Invoiced (WIP)

Cost To Be Invoiced 

Also known as "Work In Progress", Cost to Be Invoiced shows the total value of each jobs cost to the business - labour, purchase orders, materials, expenses, and service fees - that have not yet been covered by issued invoices.

Example: If your total job costs are $20,000, but you have only issued invoices worth $15,000, the value of Cost To Be Invoiced (WIP) will be $5,000.
However, if issued invoices have already covered the total job cost - e.g. costs equal $20,00 and issued invoices total $25,000 - the value of Cost To Be Invoiced (WIP) will be $0, indicating that all job costs have been covered by the invoices issued.

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Where to Find 'Cost To Be Invoiced' Value

You can find this value on the 'Job' page, as one of the columns in the list of your current/completed jobs. If you can't find it, check your layout settings.


You can also find it by clicking 'Show Job Financial Summary' in the 'Job Financials' tab of a job.


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