'To Be Invoiced' Column

The 'To Be Invoiced' total at the top of the screen is the total cost for a job before profit margins have been added. This feature is available for each job type. For example: Current Jobs, Completed Jobs and Archived Jobs.
This is a live value and changes constantly as labour and materials are added to jobs and invoices are created.

 Where to Find the 'To Be Invoiced' Value

You can find this value as a column on your list for Current or Completed Jobs. If you can't find it, check your layout settings.

The amount to be invoiced can also be found in the Job Financials and the Job Financials Summary table. The Job Financials Summary table appears at the bottom of the Job Financials page and also the Invoice page.


'To Be Invoiced' Column for Quoted Jobs

If a job is quoted the sell summary (or To Be Invoiced total) for that job will only show the remaining value to be invoiced.
This is very helpful for larger jobs that have multiple invoices.

'To Be Invoiced' Column for Do and Charge Jobs

If a job is not quoted the To Be Invoiced total for that job will show the total accumulated sell price according to the labour and materials etc added to that job.
If a progress invoice has been created for a Do and Charge job it will still deduct from the To Be Invoiced total as with quoted jobs.

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