Job Finacials Page

Before creating a new invoice it is important to view your costs in order to adjust your sell prices if necessary.
Where to Find Job Financials
All Job Financials are found in the Job Financials tab within each job page.
What is the Job Financials page?
In the Job Financials page all job costs, item mark-ups, item sell rates and item profit markings are  visible and editable.
In a nut shell, the Job Financials page is the cost centre for every job.
Information is available for all financial aspects of the job from:
  • Invoicing Information
  • Labour information
  • Purchase Order information
  • Materials information
  • Expenses information
  • Service fee information
Creating a Progress Claim Invoice
Go to the Job Financials page then click on Show Job Financial Summary at the bottom of the page. It helps to use the date filter at the top of the table if you need to review your costs over a certain time period. This works well for calculating the amount for a monthly claim on a job.

If Your Job Has Tasks
All task costings are broken down individually in the Job Financials tab. The Job Financial Summary provides a combined total of all job costs and tasks costs with an overall job profit margin and cost.

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If Your Job Has Variations
All job variation prices will be added to the quoted price total in the Job Financial Summary. The summary provides a combined total of the job and variations with an overall job profit margin and cost.
Job variation costs are not monitored individually. If you require a variation to have the costings monitored separately, you will have to create a task for the variation.

TIP: Using the Job Financial Summary before creating an invoice is the best way to make sure all of your jobs are meeting your targeted profit margin.

After you have made changes to the Job Financial page, select the Show Financial Summary button.
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