Price Levels

Price Levels allow the user to set up a price level markup system based on customer and their locations. For example, a default "Retail" price level can be set up for irregular and low-volume sales customers. A number of markup discount tiers can then be set up for valued customers progressively reducing their markup.
1. From the header select the  icon.
2. Click the Inventory icon.

3. Ensure Use Price Levels is ticked.

4 Press Edit on the right hand side of the Price Levels snap-in.

The list of price levels and their markups will be displayed.


Use the Default tickbox to indicate which price level is used by default for any new clients.

5 Press + Price Level at the bottom of the screen or Edit on the right of the price level to create or edit the price level.

6 Enter the Price Level Name and the Markup


7 Press Update or  Save.

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