Location Settings

Note: These settings are inherited from the Client Settings tab on the Clients module. They override the Client Settings on the job for parts markup, default service fee and labour type.

1. Select Find Location from the main menu.
2. Click on the location in the list or search for them using the search bar and then click on it.

3. Select the Location Settings tab at the top.

4. The Settings form will be displayed.


This module contains the following fields:

Title Description
Price Level Type This presets the material markup setting based on Price Levels set in Settings->Features->Inventory and displays the % markup on the right. If it is set to none "---", the default Material Markup below will be used.
Material markup This is the default Material Markup from Settings->General Settings->Job Financials. It will be used instead of the Price Level if one is not set.
Use Default Labour Type The Default Labour Type and Service Fee are presets available in Settings->General Settings->Job Financials. The items at the top of the lists will be used as defaults.
Use Default Service Fees


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